Rose Window Collaborative Poster

Attention all art teachers! Let me introduce you to the Rose Window Collaborative Poster – a fantastic way to engage your students in collaborative coloring while learning about art history! This 25-piece poster is inspired by the stunning stained glass windows of the Middle Ages, featuring intricately designed coloring sheets that come together to form a beautiful rose window.

Each coloring sheet has been expertly drawn to capture the essence of medieval art, making it the perfect addition to any art lesson or worksheet. Your students will love working together to bring the rose window to life with their own unique color choices, allowing them to exercise their creativity while learning about art history and color theory.

This collaboration poster is a printable resource that can be easily implemented in any classroom setting. Whether you’re teaching a lesson on art history, or simply looking for a fun activity to promote teamwork and creativity, this poster is sure to delight your students.

Once the coloring is complete, simply cut out the pieces and assemble them to create a beautiful, eye-catching display. You can even mount the poster on the wall for an impressive art room bulletin board showcasing your students’ collaborative effort. The Rose Window Collaborative Poster is the perfect way to combine creativity, collaboration, and art history in a fun and engaging way. Don’t miss out on this incredible resource that will inspire your students and enhance your art curriculum!

The printables are available on TpT!


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