Doodle Around Objects – Tárgyfirkák

Hey fellow art teachers!

Are you looking for a fun and engaging art lesson that your students will love? Look no further than the “Doodle Around Objects” worksheet available on TpT!

This lesson is super easy to prepare, and it encourages students to flex their creative muscles by looking at everyday objects in a new way. All you need to do is print out the worksheets and provide some pencils or markers. The worksheets feature pictures of common objects like binder clips, compasses, and paintbrushes, and students are tasked with adding purposefully simple doodles around the space surrounding each object. The end result is a completely transformed object that looks completely unique and different!

These worksheets are perfect for a short sub-lesson or as an activity during free time. You can purchase them as a single page or in bundles, so there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore their creative imaginations.

I was inspired to create this lesson after seeing the wonderfully creative drawings of artists like Javier Pérez (aka cintascotch), Victor Nunes, and Hyemi Jeong. In the past, I brought actual objects into my “object doodles” lesson, but I found the preparation and cleanup to be overwhelming. That’s why I decided to take photos of everyday objects and create these worksheets instead.

By encouraging your students to think outside the box and look at the world in a new way, the “Doodle Around Objects” worksheet is sure to inspire creativity and imagination in your classroom. Whether you use it as a standalone lesson or as part of a larger art curriculum, your students are sure to love it.

So head on over to my TpT store and check out the “Doodle Around Objects” worksheets today!

Két nagyon kedves tanárjelölt hozta be vizu órára a “tárgyfirkák” témát, amikor is a papírra rakott tárgyak köré rajzolunk. Nagyon tetszett a diákoknak, meg is ismételtem párszor, de soknak találtam a pakolászást óra előtt és után. Ezért lefotóztam a tárgyakat és készítettem pár feladatlapot, íme!


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