Roll and Draw! Gothic Rose Window Art Game

Hey art teachers! Are you on the lookout for an exciting way to teach your students about Gothic rose windows? Look no further than the Roll and Draw Gothic Rose Window Art Game! This game is perfect for those of you who want to introduce your students to the intricate beauty of Gothic rose windows, which are some of the highlights of Gothic architecture.

This game comes with everything you need, including an easy-to-follow roll and draw chart (with a printer-friendly version), a brief introduction to medieval rose windows, a printable worksheet, info about color schemes for coloring, and a video link. It’s perfect for both standalone lessons and as part of your regular art curriculum.

To play, students simply roll the dice and draw the corresponding elements in each section of the rose window with a sharpie. Once they’re done, they can practice their blending techniques with colored pencils while coloring their artwork. Plus, they can learn about the element of color with the color schemes info sheet.

The best part? Each student’s artwork will be unique and stunning, with endless possible combinations. Not only will your students have fun playing this game, but they’ll also learn about the history and beauty of Gothic rose windows.

So what are you waiting for? Add the Roll and Draw Gothic Rose Window Art Game to your art curriculum today and watch as your students create stunning and unique artwork inspired by the beauty of medieval rose windows. Here is the TpT link to the worksheet.


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